SSWA & Civic Engagement Meetings

The Museum of Flight - Seattle, WA

The Future of Higher Education; the Future of our Democracy

You are invited! Presidents and chancellors from all higher education institutions in Washington are invited to participate in a statewide dialogue on “The Future of Higher Education; the Future of our Democracy.”

The future of higher education and the future of our democracy are interdependent. Higher education prepares students to be thoughtful, engaged community members, while our democracy provides opportunities to tackle the most pressing, complex problems facing society. As the need to address pressing issues strains democratic norms and institutions, and as our political landscape continues to be more polarized, what role should higher education play in encouraging dialogue and deliberation, while empowering students to be leaders in our communities?

What will higher education look like in twenty years? How might changes in higher education positively or negatively effect our ability to educate students for civic and social responsibility?

How can higher education respond to the rapidly changing economy while preparing students to be productive, engaged community members?

Please join your presidential colleagues from across the state to discuss the future of higher education and its role in the future of our democracy.

Event Details

Date: March 16, 2018
Where: The Museum of Flight - Seattle, WA
Time: 10:30am-1pm

This event includes lunch and is open to presidents and chancellors only. Following the Presidents' Meeting, you are invited to a desert reception at 1:00PM and the Students Serving Washington Awards Ceremony from 2-4PM.

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