College Access Corps Assessment Tools (appropriate for grades 11-12)

NOTE1: CAC programs must match pre/post/end of program surveys with each individual youth through the use of the youth's name or coded survey number (ex. WWUShuk002)

Step 1 - Gather the Data

Complete the administration of CAC Pre-Program survey during the first week of your CAC program:

*** NOTE2: A youth is considered to have started the CAC program if they have been given a CAC pre-program survey and completed at least 3 hours or 3 sessions, whichever is more, of documented college access activities.

Use the following surveys:

Survey #1 - CAC Pre-Program Survey

Survey #2 - CAC Post-Program Survey

Once your K-12 youth participants have completed 15 hours of college access intervention activities, please have participating grades 11-12 youth complete a CAC Post-Program survey: