How Do I Train My Coaches?

Many of the training programs for the coaches tends to be specific to the program that is being offered on the campus. Many programs have their CAC coaches take a course taught by faculty or have the coaches participate in a weekend training. Please talk with you CAC Program Supervisor about training of the CAC coaches for your program. You might also contact other CAC programs that are similar to your program about the training topics and strategies they use to train their CAC coaches.

Some of the topics that could be covered include:

  • CAC Overview/Goals/Expectations
  • Leadership 101
  • Communication 101
  • Coaching 101
  • Serving ED K-12 Youth
  • Training on specific College Access Interventions:
      • College Admissions Process
      • The College Financial Aid Process
      • Completing the FAFSA
      • Providing Academic Support to Youth
      • Coordinating college visits

Training Methods:

  • Have workshops and goals
  • Provide opportunites for job shadowing
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Discuss Expectations
  • Create an interactive/intriguing work environment
  • Utilize campus resources
  • Use scenarios/role play and real world situations to prepare coaches
  • Have experienced trainers/experts in that field
  • Make resources accesible/be a resource
  • Research/understand the community that you will be serving