College Access Corps Early Release Policy

While most CAC member’s end of service date is June 30th (or the end date on their signed member contract), the CAC program does recognize that sometimes members who have already completed 1,700 hours need to leave earlier because of a job start date, schooling, fellowship, other professional development opportunity or family obligation.  The CAC program is willing to review each member’s request to leave earlier than the member’s contract end date on a case-by-case basis.

Two kinds of releases:

  • Release after CAC Graduation: Early Release
  • Release before CAC Graduation: Hardship Release

Early Release (all examples are posted for member's starting mid-August and ending June 30th):

During the 2017-18 grant year, a College Access Corps member can leave the College Access Corps program earlier than their contracted end of service date with full award, if the member meets the following:

  • Release on or after June 15, 2018
  • Attends the CAC Graduation (WA CAC members: Dates TBA at the Firs in Bellingham, WA)
  • Completes the College Access Corps Early Release Form.  The form must be signed by the member’s CAC Program Supervisor and have an attached email or letter detailing why the member is requesting to leave the program early (you may be asked to attach proof of new AmeriCorps program start date, letter from doctor, etc.)
  • Have completed 1,700 hours
  • Have approval of their CAC Program Supervisor, partnership school or non-profit, and the CAC Program Director or ORCC Program Manager for OR members.
  • Have all “6 folders” up to date and have completed their contribution to the final CAC Progress Report for your program as determined by their CAC Program Supervisor.
  • Have completed their CAC Sustainability manual and passed it in to their CAC Program Supervisor
  • Have their final time log approved in On-Corps and make sure the system shows they have at least 1,700 hours of supervisor approved service
  • Completed all CAC program exit paperwork – exit form and end of year evaluation form

What does the CAC member have to do to leave the Program early?

  1. Fill out the College Access Corps Early Release Form and attach a letter or an email detailing why you are requesting early release.
  2. Meet with your CAC Program Supervisor to talk about the early release and why. 
  3. The CAC Program Supervisor will review what needs to be completed (most information is on the form) before a member can be released early. 
  4. If CAC Program Supervisor approves then they will sign the CAC Early Release Form and send the form to WACC/ORCC for approval.
  5. Once approved, the member completes all the requirements of their position as detailed on the CAC Early Release Form as well as from their CAC Program Supervisor and have 1,700 hours of service approved by your supervisor before the early release day.
  6. Members will not be exited out of CAC program until all requirements have been completed and the exit paperwork is received at WACC/ORCC.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact Patrick McGinty, CAC Program Director at or 360-650-7257 or for Oregon CAC members please contact Kaycie Lopez Jones at or 503-406-3572.