Supervisor Exit Phase

Goal: To have AmeriCorps member(s) complete all the exit paperwork and to have the site supervisor mail the exit paperwork to WA/OR Campus Compact on the member's last day of service.

Steps to accomplishing the goal:

  1. On the last day of your member's service, schedule an exit interview
  2. Complete the end of term CAC Member Evaluation before the exit interview
  3. Approve the member's final timelog in On-Corp Reporting
  4. At the scheduled exit interview, do the following:
    • Collect the member's completed Exit Form.
    • Review the end of term CAC member evaluation with the member
    • Make sure you approved your member's final time log
  5. Mail originals to CAC Program Assistant and OR campuses: Kaycie López Jones
  6. Keep the Sustainability Binder/Plan for your office and give to your next AmeriCorps member.
  7. Collect the member's "6 folders" (some can be online and some hard copy especially the pre/post/end of program surveys and volunteer sign-in sheet) - CAC Director or designee will contact you about emailing your online folder material and mailing your hard copy folders so we can archive it for future CNCS audit.
  8. Submit CAC Final Progress Report.

    NOTE: Exit Paperwork should be dated on the last day of their term of service.