How to Apply for SNAP benefits (Food Stamps)

As an AmeriCorps member, you are generally entitled food assistance (no more than $200/month) as long as you do not prepare food or grocery shop with someone you live with.

TO APPLY: Fill out an application online at by clicking ‘ApplyNow’ on the left menu bar. We highly recommend applying as soon as possible.

You may also apply in person at your localDSHSoffice by filling out a paper application.

Documents you will DEFINITELY need when applying:

  1. Food Stamp Letter of Introduction for AmeriCorps Member from us
    • We will email you a letter which verifies you are an AmeriCorps member serving with the Retention Project sponsored by Washington Campus Compact.
  2. Driver’s License / State Issued ID (this does not have to be a Washington State ID - it can be from any state)

Other items you might want to have available when applying include:

  1. Housing Agreement or Lease
    • Bring a copy that has the rent amount written out.
  2. Birth Certificate or Social Security Card
  3. Copies of any monthly utility bills that you pay including cell, car insurance, electricity, water, gas, trash, etc.
  4. Current Bank Statement(s)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the CAC Program Leader.