AmeriCorps Member Fundraising

An AmeriCorps Member may spend no more than ten percent of his or her originally agreed-upon term of service, as referenced in the Member enrollment in the National Service Trust, performing fundraising activities, as described in 45CFR2520.40.

§ 2520.40   Under what circumstances may AmeriCorps members in my program raise resources?

(a) AmeriCorps members may raise resources directly in support of your program's service activities.

(b) Examples of fundraising activities AmeriCorps members may perform include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Seeking donations of books from companies and individuals for a program in which volunteers teach children to read;

(2) Writing a grant proposal to a foundation to secure resources to support the training of volunteers;

(3) Securing supplies and equipment from the community to enable volunteers to help build houses for low-income individuals;

(4) Securing financial resources from the community to assist in launching or expanding a program that provides social services to the members of the community and is delivered, in whole or in part, through the members of a community-based organization;

(5) Seeking donations from alumni of the program for specific service projects being performed by current members.

(c) AmeriCorps members may not:

(1) Raise funds for living allowances, participation fees, or for an organization's general (as opposed to project) operating expenses or endowment;

(2) Write a grant application to the Corporation or to any other Federal agency.