CAC Member Service Phase

Goal: On average, each CAC member will recruit and train 10 college access coaches (college students) to provide college access interventions to approx. 100 economically disadvantaged 4th -12th grade youth that improves at least 70%+ of served youth's attitudes toward their academic engagement.

College Access Corps Program Framework:

      1. Maintain partnerships with middle school, high school, college department(s), and/or local community non-profits (depending on program focus). NOTE: Partnerships should already be created and the CAC Program Supervisor is responsible to take the initiative to establish partnerships before the CAC member begins maintaining partnership with supervision from their CAC program supervisor.
      2. Market/recruit, train, and retain college access coaches. (Create a list of your coach's names in an excel spreadsheet and file it for audit review)
      3. Coordinate CAC program with your partnership school or non-profit.
      4. Keep track of the number of hours of college access intervention activities each ED 4th-12th grade youth receives. Use CAC College Access Intervention Spreadsheet or similar to track # of hours of intervention (Your program must be able to prove that each individual member had at least 15 hours of intervention - keep hard copy and online copy for program audit review).
      5. Coordinate Assessment efforts that demonstrate program impacts (Note: Keep all assessment sheets in a file and saved online for audit reviews).
      6. Recruit volunteers (including mentors, mentees, students, faculty, and staff) to participate in at least three National Days of Service: Make a Difference Day, MLK Jr. Day, and AmeriCorps Week. Use CAC Volunteer Sign-in Sheets and CAC Volunteers Recruited Tracking Sheet (Note: Keep both sheets in a file for audit review).
      7. Promote program impacts through College Access Corps Facebook page.

        "The 6 Folders"

        CAC Member is required to keep a program file (hard copy and online) of 6 folders with the following information (this info will be reviewed during a site visit/audit):

        Each folder should be labeled in the following manner on the folder label or shared drive:

            • Name of Campus Program (ex. WWUBridges)/ CAC 2017-18
            • Name of the Actual Spreadsheet or Tally Sheet (ex. CAC Pre-Program Surveys)

Other program responsibilities:

      • Submit online time log between the 1st and the 4th of each month (CAC Member Timesheet Video Tutorial)
      • Meet with your site supervisor at least weekly
      • Collaborate with other CAC members and your Cohort group

Completed by the end of your term of service: