Recruiting Volunteers for National Days of Service (NDS) and Other Community Service Events


Each CAC member, on average, will recruit at least 38 volunteers:

  • 9 volunteer coaches (only volunteer coaches would count and not coaches being paid work study or other)
  • at least 29 volunteers for NDS or other community service events

Days of Service you can recruit volunteers for:

  • Make a Difference Day
  • MLK Day of Service
  • AmeriCorps Week
  • September 11th Day of Remembrance
  • September 12th 20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps Events
  • Cesar E Chavez Day
  • Earth Day
  • Other community service events

Who can you recruit?

  • The youth your coaches are serving
  • Teachers, faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Friends
  • Other community members
  • (NOTE: While your volunteer coaches can serve with your projects, they can not be counted as recruited volunteers because they are already counted as recruited volunteer coaches)

Kind of Events CAC member can recruit volunteers for?

  • You can create your own volunteer activity such as painting a school room, cleaning up a park, feeding the homeless, etc.
  • You can recruit for an event already scheduled on your campus or in your local community volunteer agency (such as the Whatcom Volunteer Center)

How Do I Market the Event?

  • Flyers
  • Word of Mouth
  • Social Media
  • Presentations to Classrooms
  • Work with your Service Learning and Student Activities Offices on your campus
  • Advertise at your local community agency
  • Have your coaches recruit volunteers
  • Many other ideas such as partnering with a local fraternity or sorority, targeting veterans, engaging residence halls, etc.

Why should someone volunteer to serve their community?

  1. To make a difference in their community
    • Volunteering can be rewarding
    • Focusing on somoene other than yourself reduces stress and makes you healthier
    • Saves local non-profit money to have volunteers to provide services
    • Volunteers strengthens the local community.
  2. To develop job skills
    • Web site development, grant writing, assessment, etc.
    • Organizational dynamics, communication, leadership, etc.
  3. Explore other interests
    • You can test out a career.
  4. Meet new friends
    • Network with other community members and potential employers
  5. Enhance your education

Reflection: Members should have their volunteers reflect before, during, and after the service event in order to enhance the learning from the experience.

Make Sure to do the Following after each event:

  1. Have volunteers sign-in on a CAC Volunteer Sign-In Sheet
  2. Record the event and how many volunteers Recruited on your CAC Volunteers Recruited Tracker
  3. Attach CAC Volunteer Sign-In Sheets to tracker and keep in folder