Completing a Sustainability Binder for your CAC Program

Goal: To create a sustainability binder, with the assistance of your CAC Program Supervisor, that you can pass on to the next AmeriCorps CAC member so they will have a head start on their new grant year. The Sustainability Binder will help sustain the efforts you started the year before and help your campus CAC program have a head start for the new grant year.

The Sustainability Binder is to be completed during the course of your AmeriCorps service year.

Organize in 3 sections (please save online and as hard copy):

Best Practice: Write a 1 - 2 page monthly overview at the end of each month with bullet points of activities, events, contacts, resources, etc. during each calendar month. Also, include one or two paragraphs stating activities that engaged youth and activities youth were not engaged in or didn't show interest. This monthly overview will be an outline for the next year's AmeriCorps member so they do not have to reinvent the wheel for your program and they will have a strong foundation in which to build upon the program with your monthly updates.

    Section 1: Timeline/Contact List

    • Welcome Letter
    • Service Year Calendar- Document important dates/events throughout RPC Term
    • Events held, documented procedures
    • Contacts – Important contacts and Who’s Who at Host Organization, (volunteers and staff)
    • Community Partners (including organizations, stakeholders, program champions, civic clubs)

    Section 2: Resources

    • Manuals and Training Materials
    • Forms and materials created
    • Marketing: Flyers, brochures, website links, and publicity materials
    • Presentations

    Section 3: Assessment & Miscellaneous