Making the Case to Attend

Much of our work revolves around leveraging resources for impact in the places we serve. The following information and "Making the Case" template may be helpful when demonstrating the value of participating in the 2014 Continuums of Service conference:“Civic Engagement: Bridging Gaps in Education, in Communities and across the Globe” 

The 17th Annual Continuums of Service conference will offer participants the opportunity to critically examine the pressure of educating students to be global civic leaders and preparing them for a dynamic workforce, while serving the public good and creating healthy, sustainable communities. Further focus will be on current issues and disparities in educational access and success; health; wealth; and environmental sustainability. TheContinuums of Service Conference offers dedicated programming for all levels of participants from beginner to advanced practitioners, and features preconference programming from leaders in the field.

You may find this “Making the Case” letter template helpful! 

So, make the case! Join us in celebrating the “Spirit of Aloha” April 2-4, 2014 at the 17th Annual Continuums of Service Conference in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii!