Conference Theme

Civic Engagement: Bridging Gaps in Education,
in Communities and across the Globe

Aloha! The 17th Annual Continuums of Service Conference will bring together civic engagement and service-learning administrators, faculty, students and community partners in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. The theme for the 2014 conference will focus on how civic engagement and service-learning bridge gaps in education, in communities, and across the globe. Together we will examine current issues and disparities in educational access and success; health; wealth; and environmental sustainability.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to critically examine the manifold pressures of educating students to be global civic leaders and preparing them for a dynamic workforce, while serving the public good and creating healthy, sustainable communities. The challenges facing our communities are complex; it is imperative that we prepare students to be empathetic and skilled leaders, applying their education to solve these critical issues. Evidence-based research confirms that civic engagement and service-learning are effective strategies for strengthening higher education’s ability to achieve these vital goals.

Hawaii has a rich history of building bridges between higher education and communities. We will honor our Pacific Island partners as global leaders in leveraging education and engagement to address critical issues while weaving a vibrant tapestry of cultural diversity. We will also explore multiple models and research from throughout our region that demonstrate how civic engagement and service-learning can narrow the gaps of injustice and inequity, both locally and beyond our shores.

Please join us in celebrating the “Spirit of Aloha” April 2-4, 2014 at the 17th Annual Continuums of Service Conference in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii