Faculty Engagement

Are you looking for a tool to explore faculty engagement in service-learning and community-based research on your campus? Washington Campus Compact is offering two exciting opportunities to support work exploring faculty engagement on your campus and beyond:

The Faculty Engagement Survey is now available for your use! Funding from Learn & Serve America allowed the Western Region Campus Compact Consortium (WRCCC) to design and conduct a survey exploring how higher education faculty bring involvement in their local communities to their work as educators and how this involvement affects them. More than 2,500 faculty at 47 campuses participated in the Faculty Engagement Survey between February and April 2009. We encourage you to read the FULL REPORT.

Whether or not your campus participated in the 2009 study, you are welcome to use the survey to collect data on a variety of dimensions, including:

  • How faculty are involved in service-learning and/or community-based research;

  • The nature of service-learning and community-based research practices, such as teaching and reflection strategies;

  • The specific elements that faculty members identify as challenging to and supportive of their use of service-learning and/or community-based research;

  • Student learning and development outcomes that faculty expect; and

  • The personal and professional impacts faculty experience due to their use of service-learning and/or community-based research.

Here is the link to the Faculty Engagement Survey.

You can adapt it to any survey format you wish (e.g., hard copy, web-based survey software, etc.). You will also be able to revise the survey language as you see fit, as well as add or delete specific questions. We only ask that you use the following language within your survey and related communications: “This survey was adapted from the WRCCC Faculty Engagement Survey." Also, please note that you will likely need to receive approval from your campus human subjects review board before inviting faculty to participate in the survey.