Below is a list of logos for download. Please ensure you keep the Washington Campus Compact Logo Guidelines in mind when using any of the logos below. Additionally, we have links to other logos that you may find useful. In all cases, maintain correct proportions, colors, and when in doubt or need of assistance, please contact Luke Shipstad at luke.shipstad@wwu.edu.

Helpful Hints

  • For most Microsoft documents, while a .jpg will work, a .tif file is most compatible and renders best when converting to a .pdf.

  • For web use .png files work best, especially for vector graphics, like logos. They retain transparent background, if they were created with one. A .jpg will also work, but is not optimal for vector graphics. The .gif format is small, takes up less space and can be animated; however, because a .gif is so compact, it does not render colors as well.

  • If you are having t-shirts, posters, or other physical media made, your designer will likely want an .eps file, but other formats will work as well.

Logo Guidelines

Washington Campus Compact Logos

College Access Corps Logos