Strengthening Communities through Education and Civic Engagement


WACC and its members will:

  • Advance the practice of campus-based community service, the pedagogy of service-learning, and the strengthening of student leadership in Washington state;

  • Promote collaboration and partnerships between colleges, universities, and their communities through programs that respond to specific local and regional needs;

  • Foster the development and dissemination of innovative curriculum, theory, research, and best practice of higher education community service-learning programs; and recognize exemplary models, collaboration, faculty, and students annually;

  • Build public awareness of the value of the reciprocal relationship between educational institutions and communities; and

  • Leverage funding from state, federal, corporate, and private sources for statewide programming and subgrant to member campuses.

Presidential Initiatives and Membership Expectations

Washington Campus Compact member presidents are committed to:

  • Integrating the ethic of community service throughout the institution, and making service a central element of the higher education experience;

  • Promoting, facilitating, and rewarding community service through all available avenues;

  • Inspiring, endorsing, and rewarding faculty efforts to integrate service with academic study;

  • Fostering thoughtful reflection on service experiences and stimulating students to engage in lifelong constructive efforts that address the problems facing society;

  • Developing and endorsing policies and structures on campus, state, and national levels that support community service and/or community service-learning; and

  • Collaborating with other institutions to strengthen regional initiatives and establishing long-term systemic support for all forms of campus community service.