VISTA - Washington Campus Compact

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Members

  • Is the VISTA an employee of the campus where they serve?

    No. The VISTA is a full-time volunteer.

  • What is my role in completing progress reports?

  • The VISTA member should fill in numbers and narratives, which they can knowledgably speak to. The site supervisor should review the report and fill in areas which they feel could use more narrative or corrections. This is not a time to talk about overall accomplishments/challenges of your entire organization, but rather speak to accomplishments and challenges at the site that have come directly as a result of the VISTA’s service.

  • When are timesheets and progress reports due?
  • Timesheets and progress reports are due on the fifth day of each month. They should be saved as PDFs and sent to the supervisor for approval. The supervisor will send the approved reports to the VISTA Leader at vista.wacc[at]

  • How do I fill out my timesheet for our group trainings and ISTs?
  • You should record these hours in the row labeled "Training" on your timesheet.

  • How do I apply for SNAP benefits?
  • You can apply for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) online at: . You will also need a copy of your service letter from the MyAmeriCorps portal and a service letter from Washington Campus Compact. Ask your VISTA leader for your WACC signed service letter.

  • How many hours must a VISTA serve?
  • Unlike other AmeriCorps programs, VISTA members do not have an hourly requirment. VISTAs are expected to serve a minimum of 40 hours/week and must serve 365 days.

  • Are there prohibited activites for VISTA members?
  • Yes, please review the prohibited activites of VISTA members here.

  • Can I transfer my education award to another person (i.e. grandchild, younger sibling)?
  • At this time, AmeriCorps VISTA members may not transfer an education award to a family member unless the member is over 55 at the time of enrollment. If the member is over 55 at the time of enrollment, the education award can be transfered to family members with some limitiations. Read more about the Segal Education Award.

  • Can I get reimbursed by WACC or CNCS if I have to use my car during service hours?
  • Only if you are traveling to a WACC or CNCS required training/event. Your host institution is responsible for any other reimbursement.

  • Does VISTA provide health insurance?

    AmeriCorps VISTA members have a choice of two health programs provided through IMGlobal: the Health Benefit Plan and the Healthcare Allowance. Neither meets the minimum essential insurance coverage mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You must enroll within 60 days after beginning your service.

    The Health Benefit Plan is available to members who are exempt from the ACA individual mandate and do not have other insurance covered such as an individual or group plan, Medicare, Medicaid, or Military benefits.

    The Healthcare Allowance is available for member who already hold primary health insurance through another provider, parents, spouse, or separate government-sponsored program. It is designed to reimburse members for specific out-of-pocket expenses.

    Members can apply for Apple Health (Medicaid) through the Washington State Health Exchange.

  • Is there a fee waiver for AmeriCorps Alums to take the GRE?
  • The Educational Testing Service, which administers the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), makes available to colleges and universities a limited supply of GRE Fee Reduction Certificates. The decision to issue the Fee Reduction Certification is up to the college or university to which you apply. To apply for a GRE Fee Reduction Certificate, contact the financial aid office of the educational institution that interests you to see if you qualify. Be sure to tell them about your experience serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA member. To learn more about the GRE Fee Reduction Program, visit