VISTA - Washington Campus Compact

VISTA Site Supervisors FAQs

  • Is AmeriCorps VISTA Right for Our Organization?
  • VISTA 101: Understanding VISTA

  • Is the VISTA an employee of our campus?
    • No. The VISTA is a full-time volunteer.
  • What is my role in completing monthly reports?
    • The VISTA at your site should fill in numbers and narratives, which she/he can knowledgably speak to. Your role is to review the report and fill in areas which you feel could use more narrative or corrections. This is not a time to talk about overall accomplishments/challenges of your entire organization, but rather speak to accomplishments and challenges at your site that have come directly as a result of the VISTA’s service.
  • Where do I find AmeriCorps outreach materials for recruitment?
    • You can find fact sheets, logos, and order gear here.