Hello VISTAs,


Are you ready for the world premiere?


That's right, in just a little over three weeks time we will gather as a team at the FIRS in Bellingham. You can be sure Linnea and I have some interesting and engaging activities planned! 


More details about IST will be coming your way in the next week or so, but be sure to check out the details regarding one particular activity we have planned, below.  


And although the 2nd quarterly report (due Friday April 6th, don't forget!) provides an outlet for sharing any topics you'd like more training on, feel free to drop us a line via the VISTA Suggestion Box, and we'll try to incorporate it.



So get excited! (if you weren't already)





Check It Out! (vol. 1)
Melissa Watkinson recently shared this story about UW-Bothell's Alternative Spring Break, hosted by Community-Based Learning and Student Life:
About 50 students volunteered throughout the week painting, cleaning, pulling, planting, building, engaging, and learning. ASB sites included Habitat for Humanity, PAWS, Camp Korey, and Northcreek Forest. These students happily chose to take their time off during spring break to give back to their community and made remarkable changes in the lives of others as well as their own.
Awesome work, and thanks for sharing, Melissa!
Check It Out! (vol 2)
Two great stories deserve two volumes of Check It Out!
This one comes to us from Laurel Smith:
In February, 20 CCBLA volunteers planted over 1,000 native trees and shrubs together with the Nisqually Land Trust-greatly improving wildlife habitat and Nisqually River water quality. The above took place in one-time "Action Days", whereas most of the CCBLA's students do their community-based work in 10 week internships at organizations well suited to their skills and interests.
Thanks for sharing, Laurel!


ISTActivityIST Activity
So as it happens, I have a video camera at my disposal and iMovie is really fun to experiment with. As such, I've started to play around making promotional videos. 
Here is my first attempt - a video letting Retention Project members know some WACC staff are planning a visit: 
Retention Project Tour '12
Retention Project Tour '12


My next project is to create a video that can be used for future VISTA recruitment -  and I need your help.


The plan for IST is to brainstorm, storyboard, and even film a WACC VISTA recruitment video. (hopefully the above movie poster makes more sense now)


In preparation, I'd like you to ruminate on:

  • What message do we want to get across to possible future VISTAs?
  • How can we motivate and encourage individuals to get involved?
  • How can we best "sell" VISTA and the idea of committing a year to national service?

This is by no means an exhaustive list - we are definitely open to any and all ideas. I will say that I intend to make a video that is useful for years to come (read: sustainable). Ideally, it will speak to "big picture" VISTA themes that aren't necessarily project specific.



Start thinking now, and we'll see you on set - I mean IST.

Resource! of the Month


"Share your story

"Show your impact"

"Make your data relevant"


Heard one or all of these before? Probably.

Well this month, I'd like to share with you http://visual.ly/  for two reasons:

  1. Based on feedback from last month's color guide, everyone loves infographics!
  2. It is a really awesome tool to create your own FREE custom infographic!*

So, if you have a moment, take it for a spin. Even if you don't want to / need to create a visual right now, there is a rapidly growing collection of infographics available on the site that you may find useful for marketing purposes.


What is Visual.ly?
What is Visual.ly?




*just don't forget to share!

In this NewsFlash:
Check It Out! vol. 1
Check It Out! vol. 2
IST Activity
A Look Ahead:


4/5 Happy Birthday Kelly Jo Kegerreis


4/6 2nd Quarterly Report Due 


4/11 Continuums of Service Conference  Seattle, WA


4/15-4/21 National Volunteer Week


4/25-4/27 VISTA In-Service Training Bellingham, WA 




** Stay up to date by periodically checking the "live" Google Calendar on the WACC VISTA Website**

Let's Hear It!

Have a great story of service?

Send it my way:
Don't forget to send pictures too! - in fact some have already made their way into a slideshow on the WACC Homepage.

Based on great feedback from Jess Lam, we've made some changes to the College Student Volunteer Survey:


Now, when a student completes the survey a random number is generated and placed on the final page.


The idea is that this prevents students from simply copying the final page and giving it to other classmates (not that anyone would ever do such a thing).



Definitely worth mentioning to professors if they are considering offering credit for survey completion.

Meghan McCormick finishes her VISTA term at Northwest Indian College at the end of this week-
but she is not going far.
She was recently hired as the Indigenous Foods and Traditional Institute Coordinator!
I'm quite sure I speak for the entire VISTA team when I say:
Congratulations, Meghan!
You've done fantastic work over the past year -good luck in all your future endeavors!