Hello VISTAs! 


Happy February to one and all. I hope everyone enjoyed the January snow - even if it did cause headaches on MLK Day (and, most likely, in the week that followed). For most of you, MLK Day was the first major project - definitely a trial by fire (or snow, I suppose).


Now that the big day is in your rear-view mirror, hopefully you're feeling a mix of relief and eagerness as you can now set your sights and your focus on all the other activities contained in your VAD.


For others, like Jessie Riley and Meghan McCormick, February potentially marks the "home stretch" of your VISTA term. By now you both are no doubt pros(don't be modest) - so I encourage you to make the most of the remaining time in your VISTA term.


Additionally, Linnea and I are excited by the fact we'll see many of you this month as we begin our site visits with campuses along I-5. I'll be sending you each an agenda in the near future, as well as few site specific questions like - "Where should we park?"


Finally, I have truly enjoyed reading everyone's first quarterly report. They are teeming with sanguinity and excitement for the months ahead. And yet, as the newness of being a VISTA may be starting to wear off (compounded by these grey winter days) I challenge you not to lose the optimism and energy that no doubt motivated you to choose a year of service.


Simply put, Go VISTA Team!


Take care,




Check It Out:
Yes it was indeed snowy here in Bellingham on MLK day - but that couldn't stop Meghan Rydell and the Service Learning Club from Whatcom Community College from participating the in the Poverty Action March and Essential Needs Drive. Meghan had to make a few last minute modifications to the day's programming, but was thrilled as "students jumped in right away to help sort donations". Moreover, almost everyone stayed after the march for an engaging and meaningful reflection activity.  
The event was even featured in Whatcom Community College's paper, Horizon.
Resource(s) of the Month

As you know, reflection plays a vital part in service-learning activities. Check out this chapter on just that, aptly titled "Reflection and Service-Learning".


- Also, you asked for it, and we listened! -


That's right, Linnea recently created this one page summary of VISTA Assessment Tools and Resources.


It is quite handy, explaining the WhoWhatWhy, and How of all things assessment. Actually, even the Where is included, as there are direct links to the corresponding tools.


And the location of both of these resources? You guessed it... "What is the WACC Website"?


Picture of the Month:

Featuring Kelly Jo Kegerreis and Jessie Riley at the Spokane Homeless Connect event.

Nothing like a little VISTA teamwork in action!

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In this NewsFlash:
Way to Go WCC!
Picture of the Month
February Events:

2/6 Social Media Monday on the VISTA Campus


2/12 President Lincoln's Birthday


2/13 Evergreen Site Visit


2/14 Clover Park & Pierce College Site Visits


2/15 UW-Seattle & Shoreline Site Visits


2/16 UW-Bothell Site Visit


2/20 President
Washington's Birthday


2/21 Mike Valente's Birthday


2/24 Volunteer Manager's Summit




**Be sure to check out the new "live" Google Calendar on the WACC VISTA Website**

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