Hello VISTAs,


February was one day longer this year - and judging by all the things currently going on around your campuses, the WACC VISTA team took full advantage of the extra time!


It was terrific to see many of you recently as Linnea and I made our way along I-5 for site visits. There is just something about seeing a wild VISTA in their own natural habitat. Everyone's project is different, yet it was clearly evident that after 3+ months on the job, you have each taken true ownership of the program.


And to be completely honest, I'm jealous of your offices.


As we march into March there is a lot on the horizon. I've actually included two months worth of "upcoming events" in this newsletter in hopes of keeping you current. That said, I'm quite sure even more will arise in the coming weeks, and I'll do my best to inform you.


If memory serves from my own VISTA experience (and it should, as it was only last year!) this is the point at which time really starts to fly.


So I urge you, as I've done before, (and will probably do again) to make the most of it!



Go VISTA go!





Check It Out!
  2012 MLK Day of Service - Shoreline
An excellent video detailing Shoreline Community College's MLK Day food drive.   
Resource(s) of the Month

Working on a snazzy poster or flyer for an upcoming event? 


As you know, color is very important. Check out this vibrant infographic from from the Painters of Louisville that details the Psychology of Color*


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besides color, words are quite vital to getting your message across. (thanks, Captain Obvious) 


When I find myself in the midst of wordsmithing woe, I am sure to check out what the Grammar Girl has to say on the matter. 


For example,  in this month's Look Ahead section, I didn't know whether to use "farther" or further". Grammar Girl was quick to clear it up, noting "farther" refers to physical distance while "further" is used in relation to figurative distance.


I no doubt learned this once upon a time in grade school, but had since forgotten the distinction -which is only slightly embarrassing. Thankfully, Grammar Girl doesn't judge and is a great resource for a quick refresher whenever you need it.




*According to it, my selection of the color red in this email increases appetite, while the blue decreases it. Therefore, you should notice no net effect after reading this newsletter. Hey, EBT benefits only go so far. Also, I in no way endorse the cliche use of pink in the girls room.

MLK Day, Part II: featuring Lucy Pick
Clover Park H4H Build Crew
It may not have been on MLK Day proper, but that didn't stop this group from Clover Park Technical College from taking part in a volunteer project with Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity.
Lucy writes:
They volunteered one hour at orientation and seven hours onsite each for a total of 96 hours. Students from a range of programs were represented, including Human Services, Environmental Science, Automotive Technology, Computer Network Security Systems, and Nursing. 
Students found out about the event through a classroom visit, signs placed around campus, and Peer Mentors mingling in the Student Center.


According to Lucy, students cited the following reasons for getting involved:


"I love to serve and volunteer. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday."

"I have been helped before and simply want to participate in helping others."

"Help people get affordable housing, to gain Service-Learning experience."


Way to go Lucy - and thanks for sharing your story! 

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In this NewsFlash:
Shoreline's Story
MLK, Part Duex
Stay Up to Date
A Look Ahead:

3/10 - 3/18 

AmeriCorps Week

check out these events in the Seattle area


3/11 Happy Birthday Melissa Watkinson!


3/13 Service Learning Workshop



3/17 Happy

St. Patrick's Day


3/28 WCAN Conference
Tacoma, WA 

Register HERE


And Even Further Ahead...


4/2 Happy Birthday Laurel Smith!


4/5 Happy Birthday Kelly Jo Kegerreis


4/6 2nd Quarterly Report Due 


4/11 Continuums of Service Conference  Seattle, WA


4/15-4/21 National Volunteer Week


4/25-4/27 VISTA In-Service Training Bellingham, WA 




**Be sure to check out the new "live" Google Calendar on the WACC VISTA Website**

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And Finally...
I know the entire VISTA Team joins me in saying:
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to Jess Lam, after an accident this past Friday.
Here's to a speedy recovery!